Hypermaremma at its third edition accelerates its vocation as a project in dialogue with the land, its strong identity and its natural wonders.

The 2021 edition will focus on big interventions able to redesign the Maremma landscape with the aim of offering to the viewer a new and unexpected point of view.
A constellation of site-specific works, installations and performances will be the key of this new edition which makes the vastness of the territory involved and the nature of the selected places its main focus.
The program will take shape in a large portion of the Maremma area: from Vulci to the Scansano vineyards, passing through the Talamone Bay, the Orbetello Lagoon, the WWF Oasis of Burano and other exceptional places.


Thanks to the involvement of institutional partners and some private companies, the invited artists will present projects able to change the perception of the places according to their personal visions, made of contrasts with tradition and the consolidated imagination.
Hypermaremma will act as a magnifying glass for unexpected and alienating narratives, between reality and fiction, which will be able to narrate an alternative version of the Maremma and will open reflections on its beauty.


Furthermore from 2021 some permanent works acquired or adopted by private and institutional partners will become part of the program and will be installed in the area to be visited for the entire duration of the program.


Friends of


Christie's, Terre di Sacra, Lorenzo Boglione, Marco Merciai, Mario de Iuliis, Bibi Terenzi, Fortunato Federici


Margherita Petrosemolo e Alessandro Enginoli


Fabiana Balestra, Elena Balboni e Emanuele Gatteschi, Irma Cipolletta e Stefano Sciullo, Sigifredo di Canossa, Francesca de’ Medici


Andrea Bentivegna, Valeria Corazza, Ferdinando Guglielmotti, Mani Zampolli e Flavio Misciattelli, Valentina Nervi e Nicolò Lombardi, Marco Niccoli, Filippo Formenti, Federico D’Alberti, Carolina Bernardini, Antonella Chiusolo e Roberto Della Vecchia, Cecilia Ago e Carlo Curti, Costanza di Canossa, Valerio Iafrate

Young Buttero

Alessandro Aronica, Marta Bertolli, Matteo Marsaglia, Clemente Cerasi, Chiara Bonfiglio, Enrica di Canossa, Maurizio Mantegazza, Cosima Bucarelli

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