Mandalaki - Hymn to the Sun

Mandalaki Hymn to the sun

site specific installation
30 May – 27 September 2021 (visible by the sea and from Talamone bay)

The exceptional surroundings of the Tower of Talamonaccio overlooking the sea in the bay of Talamone will host of the first great intervention on the territory with which the 2021 Hypermaremma edition will be inaugurated.


The Milanese studio Mandalaki will redesign the fifteenth century old fort with its innovative optical devices of the Halo Edition series.


The volumes and surfaces of the tower will be transfigured with vivid and lysergic colors that will lead the viewer towards suggestions of light irradiation of artificial Suns and sunsets. The immateriality of light will be the protagonist of the installation. The physical part of the project, besides the extraordinary presence of the Tower, will be minimal elements of surprisingly reduced dimensions, sculpted from solid anodized aluminum plates, iron, brass and glass.


Mandalaki explores the intersection in between design, art and technology to create unique high-quality pieces as the result of an innovative approach between industrial and artisanal processes. Their works and their products are characterized by pure forms able to translate years of technical and aesthetic research into iconic design objects that investigates and use the language of art.


In recent years the Mandalaki studio has focused on research mainly oriented on the nature of lighting that led to the creation of the Halo Project. The intention is no longer to perceive light as a source of illumination but as a precise and defined graphic projection that refers to the shades present in nature and to the cognitive processes of the man. A correlation is then established between two entities: the physical object and its metaphysical projection. The result is a new family of limited-edition lamps, designed to give life to landscapes made of colors able to create atmospheres in which the observers are invited to immerse themselves.


Designing light for Mandalaki Studio therefore means expanding the perception of reality itself: “our research focuses on the combination of precise colors and aims to create a second dimension that goes beyond the physical reality. Designing light means awakening  archaic and original feelings: we will increasingly need products that disconnect us from smartphones or computers like when we stop to observe a sunset or a fire burning.”


Mandalaki has exhibited his works all over the world in major galleries, design and art fairs, institutions such as: Stockholm Furniture Fair, (Stockholm, Sweden 2013), Icff Award (NYC, USA 2014), Josef and Anni Albers Foundation (Connecticut, USA 2015), Hong Kong Electronic Show (HK 2016), CES Las Vegas (USA 2017), Rossana Orlandi (Milano, MDW 2018), Matadero, Centro de creaciòn contemporànea (Madrid, Spain 2019) Observatoire Le Marais (Paris, 2019), Daimaru (Osaka, Japan 2019), “Atomi”, Giorgio Galotti c/o Motelombroso (Milan, Italy 2020), “Origin” Galleria Rossana Orlandi (Milan, Italy 2020)