Notte di San Lorenzo

Gaia De Megni and Salò Notte di San Lorenzo

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‘Il mito dell’eroe’ (atto due) is the performance by Gaia De Megni that opened the celebration of ‘Notte di San Lorenzo’. The artist’s second performance for Hypermaremma this time finds place in the enchanting scenario of the ancient Portus Cusanus in a performance once again surrounded by the natural landscape.Continuing to question the limits of the stage, on this occasion the artist decides to turn the repeated action of the military march towards the sea, the real privileged spectator.  The resulting situation is as surreal as it is poetic, as perturbing as it is magnetic. The rhythmic sound of the march blends with the marine sound of the surrounding landscape, transporting us to a place halfway between reality and dream.


‘Io Stella’ is the sound performance developed by Salò to accompany the ‘Notte di San Lorenzo’ at the evocative Tagliata Etrusca in Ansedonia. Planned as a ritualised intervention to emphasise the magic of the place and the celestial vault, the concert took place after twilight on the seashore, on a theatrical 1970s red curtain laid out on the sand to welcome the public. The members of the group performed a grotesque and visionary soundtrack blending their own sounds with those of the sea, which echoed the fall of the stars on the most magical night of the summer.