Michela De Mattei – Sinfonia per orci

Michela De Mattei w/ Palm Wine Sinfonia per orci

permanent installation
15 June – 15 October 2021

Different-sized terracotta jars become a hypnotic resonating chamber hosting enchanted memories and dreamlike melodies in the middle of the Terme di Vulci’s pools.

The sound reverberating from the large terracotta vessels is profound and mesmerizing, referencing the organic presence of the sculpture which appears as a creature with multiple mouths and voices.

In conceiving the work, Michela de Mattei pulls together different imaginaries, inspired on the one hand by the decorations from Duilio Cambellotti’s rural world, one of the masters of the early twentieth century. And on the other hand by the dark abyssal universe of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s fear tales, one of the forefathers of American weird fiction.

In this short circuit the artist develops a new version of Sinfonia per Orci. With a recent terracotta production designed for the characteristic spaces of Vulci’s pools and a new sound composition that will vibrate in and out of the water, dragging the viewer into the underwater listening of submerged worlds.

Partner of the event for the first year, Terme di Vulci – Glamping & SPA immediately became an integral part of the Project’s artistic program confirming itself as one of the territory’s excellences that Hypermaremma wants to tell.


Michela De Mattei (Rome, 1984) is an artist based in London. Working directly with moving image and mixed media installations she creates fictional scenarios and unusual associations to explore different forms of authority and control. Her interests include the animal world, the use of current technologies and the shifting dynamics of communications systems.


Terme di Vulci – Glamping & SPA is a widespread resort immersed in the Maremma nature with four thermal pools different in color, temperature and properties, an Etruscan spa, comfortable and elegant tents and a restaurant with sophisticated cuisine and local products.

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