10000 seahorse power | HYPERMAREMMA

Marco Emmanuele 10000 seahorse power

site specific
10 July – 25 September 2021

After two years Hypermaremma come back to contaminate one of the most evocative places of the Maremma tradition: the Sant’Irma stables which will see a huge wall painting  by the emerging artist Marco Emmanuele who will present a large intervention visible throughout the Summer.

The project stems from the artist’s research to creates the pigments by grinding the small pieces of glass found alongside the beaches, witnesses of the human attitude to colonization and indissoluble components of the Mediterranean scenario.
The site specific installation formalizes the desire to order the materials used – the sand and the glass. An abstract landscape in which fiction and nature merge along the Sant’Irma’s stables, in the middle of the dust raised by the horses.
To grind the glass required for the work, it needs just an engine of 10 HP (horsepower in steam) and according to an estimate the power of the same engine would be equivalent to that of 10,000 seahorses.