Emiliano Maggi, Venus Anadyomene

Emiliano Maggi Venus Anadyomene

permanent installation

Halfway between the remains of the entrance to an ancient villa and a gateway to an unknown dimension, the work of Emiliano Maggi stands as a fairy-tale ruin in the heart of the Terenzi’s vineyards in Scansano, where the details and the title of the artwork refer to the image of Afrodite Anadyomene, the iconic representation of the Roman goddess rising from sea waters in a triumph of beauty. The severe wrought iron intertwines with the baroque exuberance of the absurd glazed ceramic friezes, which turn from yellow to green mimicking the seasons that mark every year the land of Maremma and the rows of vines in Scansano. Partner of the event since the first edition in 2019, in 2021 Terenzi becomes part of the artistic program confirming to be as one of the excellence of the territory that Hypermaremma wants to narrate.


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Emiliano Maggi (Rome 1977) lives and works in Rome. The multi-faceted artist’s research has always succeeded in combining psychedelic scenarios to mythological symbolism, rituality, and rural iconography made of fairy tales and dreams to hypnotic scenes as in Italian 70‘s horror movies. All narrated by a polyhedric production that ranges from performance to sculpture, from the acclaimed musical project Estasy to pictorial works and especially in ceramics, of which the artist has made his preferred medium.


Terenzi – Viticulturists in Scansano
Established in 2001, the Terenzi winery now has 150 hectares of property, 60 of which are planted with vines and 14 with splendid centuries-old olive trees. A 3,000 square metre cellar, the beating heart of the winery, built in harmony with the landscape, without renouncing the most modern technologies aimed at absolute quality and respect for the environment. The estate, open to the public by appointment, has rooms and suites, as well as a swimming pool overlooking the vineyards and a wine shop with tasting room offering various wine experiences and visits to the cellar.