Hypermaremma's Ambassadors help us to spread the mission of the Festival, sharing its vision and values: bringing people and skills together to generate ideas, respecting the territory no matter what, transmitting values through dialogue with artists, people and the community, looking to the future with curiosity, leaving a sustainable imprint through raising awareness and promoting art. Their commitment and affection shown to Hypermaremma are crucial to keep growing, maintaining a strong curatorial independence and imagining more and more ambitious projects.

Caroline Corbetta


Sigifredo di Canossa

Sigifredo di Canossa

Hannah Gruy

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Roberto Lombardi

Roberto Lombardi

Giovanna Melandri


Marco Merciai

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Marco Niccoli

Marco Niccoli2

Ludovica Rosi

Ludovica Rosi2

Balbino Terenzi

Balbino Terenzi2

Antonio Zizi

Antonio Zizi (2)