Support: Hypermaremma is growing thanks to a group of passionate supporters who believe in the value of art and beauty. The project lives thanks to the involvement of local entities, entrepreneurial realities and the help of the Friends of Hypermaremma: a non-profit Social Promotion Association. There are a lot of ways to support us and support our activities.

Friends of Hypermaremma

  • Visionary
  • Patron
  • Dreamer
  • Buttero
  • Young Buttero

Program addressed to those passionate of contemporary art. Depending on an individual and private support, as well as from that of institutions, foundations and companies we need to be able to count on a network of supporters to increase the cultural program, guarantee the conservation of the artworks and support the supply chain, from the artisans to the artists, through a virtuous process. Becoming part of the Friends of Hypermaremma is important as, through philanthropic support, we can grow with you.


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How to become Friend of Hypermaremma?
We have five categories that we are happy to tell you about. 

Giovane Buttero – Annual contribution of € 200,00

Dedicated to young people between 18 and 35 years old, not yet completed, the Giovane Buttero is a very important member category for Hypermaremma as it offers space for young people in exchange for new ideas and an avant-garde approach. The Giovane Buttero will have access to all Hypermaremma events as well as the possibility to interact with the artists.


Buttero – Annual contribution of € 500,00

Dedicated to enthusiasts who share the pleasure of living art spread throughout the territory and Hypermaremma’s vision, the Buttero member will receive a special gift to remember the edition and will receive invitations to openings and events organized.


Sognatore – Annual contribution of € 1.000,00

Dedicated to collectors, gallerists, philanthropists and enthusiasts who share the same interests and objectives as Hypermaremma, the Sognatore member will have access to a limited editions and will receive invitations to openings and special events organized.


Mecenate – Annual contribution of € 5.000,00

Dedicated to collectors and patrons who share with enthusiasm and passion Hypermaremma’s values and mission, the Mecenate member will have access to an artwork and will receive invitations to openings and exclusive events organized.


Visionario – Annual contribution of € 10.000,00

Dedicated to collectors and patrons of the Arts who share Hypermaremma’s values and mission, the Visionaro member will have access to limited editions and unique artworks from the artists and will receive invitations to openings and exclusive events organized.



  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver

Supporting Hypermaremma leaves a concrete sign within every valuable company: it adds vision and content to your businesses mission, it increases the consent of your stakeholders and improves the sense of belonging of those who work in the company.

How to support


Associazione di promozione sociale

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Via delle Mimose, 133 Orbetello (Gr) – 58015

Paypal: vai all’app

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By sustaining Hypermaremma you will have access to numerous benefits. Ask for more information on how to become Friend or Partner of Hypermaremma.