HYPERMAREMMA aims to activate the area of southern Tuscany, known as Maremma, light on a side of this geographical area through the intervention of emerging and contemporary artists invited to relate to the history of the land, its panorama and its atmospheres suitable for the development of a constellation of events starting from 2019. The intervention plan is based on a targeted raid on the territory, aimed to create a dialogue between venues and artworks for the experimentation of new languages. Visual works, sound adventures, performances and artist residences will have the purpose to activate and fertilize the Maremma through a kind of “hyperactivity”.


Pursue beauty in dialogue with the territory



Leave a sustainable imprint through the awareness and promotion of art



Bringing people and skills together to generate ideas.
Respect the territory at any price.
Convey values through a dialogue with artists, people, the community.
Looking to the future with curiosity


The Context

The Festival has the objective to involve the Maremma Region, area of excellence for its unspoilt nature and fishing villages, through a constellation of artistic and musical interventions in iconic locations. Through the intervention of contemporary artists, invited to relate to the territory and its history, we will trigger a rereading of the landscape and atmospheres that have made the Maremma Region one of the most attractive areas for a cultured tourism and for its community.


Hypermaremma is a Social Promotion Association whose founding members are:


Carlo Pratis, art gallerist
Giorgio Galotti, art gallerist
Matteo d’Aloja, collector | manager


Hypermaremma is constantly supported by a group of friends at the same time ambassadors and advisors of the project.