We are thrilled to present the second edition of Hypermaremma, the new galaxy of contemporary art conceived to activate the land of Maremma in the South of Tuscany through exhibitions, talks, sound experiences and site specific interventions by artists invited to open a dialogue with the history of the hosting venues.


The 2020 edition has been totally re-designed to follow the guidelines of the “new-real” we are living. So to make the program possibile we worked to present just one site specific intervention in dialogue with the Maremma’s landscape.
The project will be visible from Sunday July 26th until September 15th, everyday from 6pm until midnight just passing by bicycle, walking or by train and car if you are lazy. Please click here to find the coordinates of the right point to observe the installation.


The project has been possible thanks to a special collaboration with Terre di Sacra – Oasi WWF Lago di Burano and with the essential support of a new group of Hypermaremma’s friends: Barbara and Francesco Rosi, Benedetta and Massimiliano Faranda, Francesca Holsenn and Giuseppe Marcocci, Marco Bassetti, Bianca Berardicurti, Carlo Andrea Curti, Mariano de Iuliis, Claudia and Raffaele Maiorano, Giovanna Mirabella, Davide Monaco, Diamante Pedersoli.


A special collaboration with the art-meet-fashion brand RRUNA made possible a limited series of t-shirts, expecially conceived for this edition and its motto: a galaxy made of visions, anticipations and dreams.


With the patronage of Regione Toscana and Comune di Capalbio.

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