Danza dei tre tritoni, Salò

Salò Danza dei Tre Tritoni


‘Danza dei Tre Tritoni’ is a staging performed by Saló on ‘Isola della Formica’, a tiny rock outcropping off the water near the Oasis of Burano. Conceived as a performance with no viewers whose only witnesses are the reptiles and birds that populate the island, the intervention is a theatrical act between symbolism, rituality and casual movements amplified by the golden costumes created to capture the light of the sun at sunset. It has been realized as a performative act on the land on the occasion of Hypermaremma 2021 and produced with the support of Operativa Arte Contemporanea.



Salò is an experimental band based on noisy music, psychedelic ringtones, mythological symbolisms, rituals, baroque costumes and rural iconography make up for a live performance that undermines the rules of the concert and the contemporary entertainment.