Francesco Cavaliere The city of thing


Francesco Cavaliere (Piombino, Tuscany, 1980) is a visual artist, writer and sound producer. He lives and works between Berlin and Turin. His works are capable of enlivening his listeners’ inner states through a polymorphic activity that combines writing, sound, voice, drawing, sculpture, which together stimulate the imagination, undertaking long journeys crossed by ephemeral presences. He writes sound stories and music based on particles of sound, noise and language, often integrated with installation and scenographic elements or live performance, showing a particular taste for the most diverse forms of exoticism. Over the years he has developed a veritable dictionary to catalogue the metamorphic beings that inhabit his own abstract fantasy universe.

From 2011 to today Francesco Cavaliere has produced series of performances, light and sound actions, concerts, radio and audio-visual works, audio stories, readings in the visual and musical field, Augmented Reality stories, including: XILEMA of lymphatic sands inseminate eidetic glass creatures (2022), Sussurra Luce@Radio Raheem/Triennale (2021-22), UZU CIMA I+II (2021-22), L’arco Infra le Nubi (2021), FlyaGo! (2021), Glass Music (2020), Il Cavaliere Leonardo (2019), Imitatori del tempo (2019), DNA CLEPSYDRA (2019), Fiumi di Balsamo (2019), Weather Imitators (2018), Murales del paesaggio (2018), Green Music (2017-19), Gancio Cielo I-II (2016- 2020).

Some of his solo exhibitions in the visual field include: La Lince d’Ombra e Pietra Sponga (2021), Una Boccata d’Arte, Fondazione Elpis e Galleria Continua, Vallo di Nera (IT); Anubis vs Baboon (2019) Gluck 50, Milan (IT); Soffio Che Scotta (2015); Xing/Marsèlleria, Milan (IT); Lancio Meta Meteo (2014) Grimmuseum, Berlin (DE); Volta di Lame di Lune (2012), Kinderhook and Caracas, Berlin (DE).

Critical text by Simone Trabucchi