Le fatiche di A.C. - Gianni Politi

Gianni Politi Le fatiche di A.C.

site specific installation and performative act
30 July – 3 September 2022

‘Le fatiche di A.C.’ is a project conceived and realised by artist Gianni Politi that relates his childhood to his professional career.

The Maremma region and the Argentario coast are the places where Politi grew up since he was a child, and which he considers home. For Hypermaremma, the artist painted ten windsurfing sails that are initially positioned in a field of sunflowers in Talamone, like monoliths that break free in the windy breeze of the bay. The sails are then activated by a performative action with which Politi intends to recall the route his mother used to take him, from Calapiccola to Ansedonia, to a renowned windsurfing school. After more than 30 years, he decided to recreate this very journey that he used to experience as a child with excitement and expectation when he travelled backwards, from Argentario to the land. The sails become the protagonists of a regatta of ten windsurfers who sail from Porto Santo Stefano to Talamone in a sort of dance, a choreography of wind and colour accompanied also by the public from the shore, as they walked along the Giannella beach. The sails soar over the sea as they figuratively head towards Talamone, a place that does not belong to the artist’s childhood but which he frequents now as an adult, in a sort of journey towards the future. The whole constitutes a great metaphor to narrate that precise journey that Politi travelled together with his mother, Angela.



Gianni Politi (Roma,  1986) using classic materials that are in keeping with Italy’s pictorial tradition, he developed an approach straddling processes that are personal and that take place in the studio, even as he engages in producing images that would appear spontaneous. The studio thus morphs into both container and object of his work; the diverse output of his painting can even cross over in the use of sculpture to enable him to better narrate the struggle of being a contemporary painter. As he sets about redefining contemporary abstract painting the artist does not shy away from relying on personal experience and happenings in his life; as he channels paramount themes such as love, friendship and sexuality he keeps up a constant effort to idolise whatever materials he works with. Politi has exhibited in several national and international institutions, amongst which La Galleria Nazionale d’ Arte Moderna di Roma, Nomas Foundation, the American Academy in Rome and the Italian Cultural Council in Prague.

Politi is represented by Galleria Lorcan O’Neill in Rome.


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