Impossible Meeting Point - Rachel Monosov

Rachel Monosov Impossible meeting point

18 April 2022 – h.11.30am

Developed in 2016 in Newfoundland, Canada, as part of the CTG Collective artist residency, the performance Impossible meeting point is a work by the artist Rachel Monosov, and produced by Hypermaremma in a new shape for the 2022 edition with the aim of staging a series of actions that can narrate the unrequited relationships between living beings, in humanity’s complex historical moment.

The project, which starts from the interaction with the surrounding natural environment, was developed through the practice of two performers, based in Berlin, who are often actresses in Rachel Monosov’s performances. On this occasion the gestural part, performed by Camilla Broogard, has been integrated with a vocal part, which will be performed by the opera soprano, Julia Shelkovskaia, in a setting on the edge of reality, within the natural framework of the oasis of the Orbetello lagoon, where water gives way to earth, cracking it to the point of creating a surreal composition.

The work also consists of a sculptural object with architectural features, made for the occasion by local craftsmen, which acts as a link between the autonomous worlds of the two figures concentrated in the performance of their actions, generating further tension to amplify the distance between the two bodies, the two minds, the two personalities and the cultures of origin. The entire course of the performance focuses on the gestures of a suspended atmosphere, unidentifiable on an emotional level, which reflects in part the period spent by the whole of mankind in recent years, emphasising the power of time in its indeterminacy, which removes points of reference from the observer, bringing attention back to the romantic side of living beings.


Critical text by Massimo Mininni.

The performance takes place at 11.30am and lasts about 40 minutes.


Special thanks to Piscicoltura Orbetello for their collaboration.



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