I Filosofi Guerrieri - Giuseppe Gallo

Giuseppe Gallo I giocolieri dell’armonia

permanent installation

Giuseppe Gallo’s works are characterised by a dense interweaving of signs, symbols and shapes from the real and imaginary worlds. Human profiles are united to stylised animal forms in a playful riot of signs...” Achille Bonito Oliva


‘I giocolieri dell’armonia’ (The Jugglers of Harmony) is the title of Giuseppe Gallo’s monumental installation, that will inaugurate the fourth edition of Hypermaremma on the beach of Ansedonia.


Twelve figures follow one another in an evocative and alienating procession in which they seem to dance in absence of gravity. Their profiles are elongated from the ground towards the sky like shadows that split into two, reflected in a mirror. As each silhouette has different characteristics and identities, they narrate life not only as it develops in space but also over time, a path that unites within a single dance various moments in the eras of humanity. The work becomes a sort of dialogue shared with the spectator, as if the latter were also taking part in the procession of humanity represented in the work.


The sculpture encapsulates the archetypal dualism of human beings: instinct and utopia, a concept at the basis of Gallo’s research. The figures embody this antithetical duality through the dynamic position of their bodies as opposed to the staticity of the napes. Through their torsion, the heads of the “Jugglers” recall the emblematic position of the thinker, charging the entire work with an energy in progress that precedes an action that cannot be completed. The composition is made up of twelve silhouettes, appealing to a numerical language dear to the artist: indeed, the number twelve indicates the completion of a cycle, perfect totality.


‘I giocolieri dell’armonia’ is a work that speaks of territory to the territory, telling the story of some of the peoples who crossed the Maremma in the past, contributing to the richness and cultural heritage of the region.


Realized in collaboration with Mar. Sid. Maremmana Siderurgica and La Barca.




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