Giulia Mangoni

Giulia Mangoni Tramonto con Galline

Installation by Litografia Bulla

Hypermaremma lands in Rome at Litografia Bulla!


On Wednesday 8 May, we are delighted to present Giulia Mangoni’s ‘Tramonto con galline’ (Sunset with Chickens), an exclusive edition of hand-watercoloured lithographs created by the artist with the help of Litografia Bulla’s expertise. A unique opportunity to visit this place with an incredible historical flavour: the works are housed in the marvellous space of Via del Vantaggio 2, the location of the activity since as far back as 1840. Founded in Paris in 1818 and a reference point for artists from all over the world since the early 20th century, since 2020 the lithographic studio has been enriched by the Passaggi exhibition space, created by opening the first two rooms of the studio adjacent to the street. These rooms house the works of the artists who, in recent years, have collaborated and experimented with the lithographic technique in the Bulla studio.
Hypermaremma brings the out-of-town into the city with this exhibition. Giulia Mangoni takes possession of these places to narrate, with a series dedicated to the Ancona Hens, a rural world that is doubly intertwined with Hypermaremma’s mission: to promote the value of the out-of-town through art and culture in the broadest sense. This is an extremely important focus for the artist, investigated thanks to the constant dialogue with the Associazione Il Gallo Larino (, an organisation committed to safeguarding the animal biodiversity of the Lower Lazio region. The ultimate aim of this edition is to celebrate a breed at risk of genetic erosion, an example of biodiversity threatened and overgrown by the monocultures of industrial farming.
The imagery of the rural territory is here proposed in a key that recalls a contemporary ‘grand tour’ landscape, using a subject, hens, very present in 18th century European paintings. The lithographs alternate with the artist’s drawing production on the same subject and with the results of the educational workshop she holds at the Archaeological Park of Fregellae in Arce (FR), in which the children’s interaction with the same subject produces new images of the Ancona hen through the act of colouring the artist’s drawings.
The edition, previewed here, will be included in the catalogue of works on auction for the fundraising of the non-profit association Hypermaremma, in collaboration with Sotheby’s.
Critical text by Massimo Belli


Thanks to: Supernova.

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