Giuseppe Gallo

Giuseppe Gallo Eroi

from 10th July 2024 to 30th October 2024

Within the Design Function Art festival, curated by Alessandro Corina, on the occasion of the reopening of the Chelliana Library, Hypermaremma presents ‘Eroi’: a grandiose sculpture by Giuseppe Gallo consisting of 12 bronze seats arranged in the central Piazza Dante in Grosseto, right below the façade of the San Lorenzo Cathedral.


The sinuous legs of the sculptures, resembling branches, remind the viewer of an intricate forest that transforms into chairs. The work perfectly represents the essence of the project, which aims at the growth of the common good through the enhancement of human ingenuity: the intervention of man shapes his surroundings and gives them new meaning, revolutionizing their identity.


The works will be on display in Piazza Duomo in Grosseto until July 30th. From July 30th to October 30th, they will be exhibited in the courtyard of the Chelliana Library.