Giulia Mangoni

Giulia Mangoni Di Donne, di Pirati e di Santi

Site specific installation
1 June 2024 - 30 September 2024

Di Donne, di Pirati e di Santi is the site-specific installation conceived by Giulia Mangoni for the small village of Giglio Castello and will tell the legend of San Mamiliano, the patron saint of the island and its savior during the invasion of the Turkish pirates in 1799.


A tale of superstition, faith, and vernacular narrations: the expulsion of the invaders by the island’s inhabitants. The alleys of the fortress will be adorned with the traditional garlands of the island, reinterpreted by the artist who, with a myriad of small paintings fluttering through the streets of the village, will tell stories of pirates, saints, apparitions, and miracles.


In collaboration with La Compagnia dei Cosi


On the day of the opening, will be presented, Eusebia. A Story of Woman and Wine, the theatrical representation project curated by La Compagnia dei Cosi in synergy with Giulia Mangoni: the artist from Isola del Liri will create the set design for this theatrical piece. La Compagnia dei Cosi will develop a dramaturgical text composed starting from a local story: the story of Eusebia, the first female farmer on the island, who in the early 1900s managed to produce the best wine on the island; through her story, the changes in the local economy divided between the pyrite mines and the rediscovery of grape cultivation will be understood. A twentieth-century story that tells of the difficult relationship between man and nature, of how an entire community has based its livelihood, for centuries, on agriculture and in particular on grape cultivation: a centuries-old tradition, almost lost at first, which returns today in entrepreneurial form. A woman already revolutionary in the role she plays as the only female farmer, amidst so many men.