Sotheby's Astamaremma

Fundraising auction

The event, organised in collaboration with Sotheby’s, is planned as part of the Association’s cultural programme in order to help support its activities in the next edition.


This latest edition of Hypermaremma stood out from the previous ones for a programme that involved an even larger portion of territory from Pescia Fiorentina to Talamone, involving not only Italian artists of different generations, but also recognised international personalities who, by relating and engaging in an active dialogue with the territory and the local community, contributed to the recognition of the Maremma area as a cultural and artistic epicentre in constant growth and development. The site-specific environmental interventions and performances presented during the fourth edition were received with great enthusiasm by the local, national and international press, as well as by an ever-growing audience from all over the world.


The ongoing growth of the Festival has encouraged us to imagine even more ambitious and challenging projects for the fifth edition, both artistically and economically.
Considering the success of the previous year, we have also imagined setting up a fundraiser for the year 2022 that can partially support us and contribute to the realisation of future projects. For the occasion, the prestigious auction house Sotheby’s is generously bringing its world-renowned reputation and experts to support Hypermaremma and its future goals.


During the auction, works of art of acknowledged value, conceived and created by notable contemporary artists, will be auctioned off.



Mario Airò, Franco Angeli, Francesco Arena, Artan (Shalsi), Paolo Assenza, Luca Bertolo, Agostino Bonalumi, Giovanni Copelli, Paolo Cotani, Cracking Art, Malù Dalla Piccola, Gaia De Megni, Paolo di Paolo, Iva Drekalovic, Marco Emmanuele, Ettore Favini, Giuseppe Gallo, Piero Gilardi, Paolo Grassino, Luca Grechi, Anders Holen, Emiliano Maggi, Guglielmo Maggini, Mandalaki, Conrad Marca-Relli, Charlie Masson, Andrea Mauti, Diego Miguel Mirabella, Rachel Monosov, Matteo Montani, Valerio Nicolai, Andrea Noviello, Gianfranco Pardi, Leonardo Petrucci, Pino Pinelli, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Andrea Polichetti, Gianni Politi, Andrea Romano, Andrea Sala, Giuliano Sale, Germano Serafini, Tommaso Spazzini Villa, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Massimo Uberti, Giuseppe Uncini, Antonello Viola.

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