Massimo Uberti Spazio Amato

Permanent Installation

SPAZIO AMATO is the large neon light installation conceived by the artist Massimo Uberti for Hypermaremma 2020. It should be read as a tribute to the exceptional landscape of Maremma.
The artwork, hosted on the land of Terre di Sacra in the naturalistic oasis of Lago di Burano, managed by WWF, is based on the idea to create a dialogue with the surrounding landscape, becoming a kind of “caption” able to ofer to the viewer a way to reflect on the unique character of the territory and on the need to protect it and preserve it through the years.


Massimo Uberti’s research, focused on the paradigm of light as a possible and revealed space where to live. On this occasion the artist uses the neon light as a semantic sign to redesign the landscape that hosts the intervention. Taking full advantage from the aims of Hypermaremma, the artist through this sitespecific installation, presents an intervention as an symbol of the artwork itself in full dialogue with the venue and the surrounding panorama, emphasizing a solitary fruition capable of summarize the exceptionality of the times we are living.


SPAZIO AMATO translates the present in memory through an evanescent and poetic appearance that bursts for a brief moment into the immutability of the Maremma area.

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