The Nymphs Orchestra | HYPERMAREMMA

Emiliano Maggi The Nymphs Orchestra

Sound Performance

The Nymphs Orchestra is a music performance by Emiliano Maggi especially conceived for the unique setting of the Ancient City of Cosa, the archeological ruins in the surroundings of Ansedonia. Inspired by the myth of the Nymph Echo, deprived of her voice and deemed to eternally wound in the woods repeating the words blowing in the wind, The Nymphs Orchestra by Emiliano Maggi is one of the artist’s instrumental artworks and a ritual homage to nature and myth through music. The performance consists in the artist playing an uproot and sculptured tree transformed into a musical instrument through the application of the former mechanical parts of an electric guitar. By playing the transformed trunk, the artist brings it back to life while experimenting with new sounds. The music coming from the tree is transmitted and amplified through an electronic loudspeaker. The result is the overcoming of the category of sculpture through a polymorphic new mix of music, mythology and nature all in one with sculpture itself. Halfway between bucolic visions and heavy metal sounds, Emiliano Maggi’s performance evokes an ancestral time and space in the present with a deep and hypnotic trance experience.


Emiliano Maggi (Rome 1977) lives and works in Rome. The artist’s multi-faceted research has always succeeded in combining psychedelic scenarios to mythological symbolism, rituality and rural iconography made of fairy tales and dreams to the hypnotic scenes of homegrown 70‘s horror movies. All these elements are narrated by a polyhedric production that ranges from performance to jewellery production, from the praised musical project Estasy to pictorial and photographic works.


In collaboration with Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell’Antica Città di Cosa and Polo Museale della Toscana