Group show

Artists: Daniel Gustav Cramer, Renata De Bonis, Giulio Delvè, Jason Dodge, Gianni Ferrero Merlino, Renato Leotta, Emiliano Maggi, Jonathan Monk, Benedetto Pietromarchi, Salvo, Gabriele Silli, Santiago Taccetti.


The project HYPERMAREMMA aims to activate the area of southern Tuscany, known as Maremma, light on a side of this geographical area through the intervention of emerging and contemporary artists invited to relate to the history of the land, its panorama and its atmospheres suitable for the development of a constellation of events starting from 2019. The intervention plan is based on a targeted raid on the territory, configured on three distinct layers divided in three chapters aimed to create a dialogue between venues and artworks for the experimentation of new languages. Visual works, sound adventures, performances and artist residences will have the purpose to activate and fertilize the Maremma through a kind of “hyperactivity”.


The exhibition, titled Mare Mare, is structured around an intimate intervention inside the rooms of the ancient palace, through insertion of works that can open visions and points of reflection on the theme of the sea, with the aim of reporting first the attention to the basic element that made the Maremma one of the most evocative places in Italy, offering to all the places around the area, such as the village of Capalbio, a necessary interaction with the coast for commercial, touristic or connection purposes. Through this exhibition we would like to raise starts from the complex dialogue between the mainland and the water, as an eternal oscillation between stasis and dynamism, between thought and action, which has always made the sea, with its abysses and its environments, of great interest for man, living the sea through romantic visions, survival needs, landing point for inland areas, incursion of conquerors, time of isolation from the community or a reunion with reality.


This exhibition is a tribute to the sea, in some of its aspects, through the interpretation of a group of artists invited to relate to this theme through their own language, to compose an exhibition with artworks that could tell stories about the sea, its effects and its legends. The building in which the act one of the first chapter takes part is located at the highest point of the medieval village of Capalbio. The palace is composed by the old tower, which was built as a possession of the Tre Fontane Abbey of Rome, and the noble palace known as Palazzo Collacchioni which was built during the Renaissance. In the 1200s the fortress passed to the Aldobrandeschi family who enlarged it, giving it an appearance even more fortified. The tower is the original nucleus of the complex and the symbol of this part of Maremma, an ideal point to start this adventure that will be developed through the Summer, involving few other places and many more artists.