Castro Summer Show | HYPERMAREMMA

CHAPTER II, Act Two Castro Summer Show

Collateral project

Artists: Apparatus 22 / Adam Cruces / Caterina De Nicola / Débora Delmar / Gaia Di Lorenzo / Joana Escoval / Marco Giordano / Allison Grimaldi Donahue / Joshua Hopping / Dana Lok / Davide Mancini Zanchi / Ana Manso / Catherine Personage / Marco Pio Mucci / Jacopo Rinaldi / André Romao / Giulio Scalisi / Luca Staccioli / Jennifer Taylor / Hannah Tilson / Ilaria Vinci


curated by Enzo Di Marino and Alberta Romano
CASTRO based project


On the occasion of the second chapter of HYPERMAREMMA, organized by Giorgio Galotti and Carlo Pratis, CASTRO Project presents the group show Voi rubate del tempo alla fretta, a noi il mare ci impone lentezza curated by Enzo Di Marino and Alberta Romano in the exceptional venue of Villa Di Lorenzo, the masterpiece by the renowed architect Oreste Martelli Castaldi.

The summer has begun, the heat starts to become increasingly draining, the energies are decreasing and we all need to reduce the velocity of our work towards an alleged unproductiveness. In the context of a summer festival, the exhibition really wants to embrace the idea of a summer show that invites visitors to rediscover the potential and the beauty of the otium. The exhibition aims to support this idea celebrating the fascinating environment that hosts it: an imposing brutalist architecture undermined and contaminated by nature. The house stands on a cliff and overlooks the sea where the concrete is interspersed with huge windows and secret gardens.


Voi rubate del tempo alla fretta, a noi il mare ci impone lentezza wants to be an invitation to slow down, to “take it easy”, bringing together artists who had time to know each other during the period of CASTRO studio program in Rome and artists who, with their irony, try to soften the rigidity and the intellectualism, most of the time superficial, which always flaunts a rigorous seriousness. The exhibition does not want to speak about unproductivity as a form of resistance to control of the working time in the life of an individual, it does not speak of biopolitics, this exhibition is intended to be a simple brake, “an imposition of slowness” aimed at a more accurate and honest observation of what surrounds us.

To be in line with this idea, the two curators have decided not to participate in the exhibition with a text, but with a playlist on Spotify that will collect what, based on a very personal taste, can be considered songs that convey to the public a relaxing feeling, an invitation to enjoy life, resting moment reflecting only the view of the sea.