Moira Ricci Trebbia astronave

17 July – 15 September 2021

“One day I asked my father to help me to build a spaceship. We designed, engineered and started building it, using an old thresher that was partially set on fire. First my brother joined, then a cousin, uncle, neighbor, friends, all participants in the mission ”.

In this way the artist Moira Ricci has triggered a process of collective construction, more than thirty farmers from the lands between Fonteblanda, San Donato and Collecchio are involved to tell how definitive the process of distancing man from the earth is. “I realized – the artist says – that my generation has a very weak relationship with the earth, the sky and everything that nature gives us. Hence a narrative in which an old combine is transformed into a spaceship, with which a new generation can ironically leave for somewhere else, where they can find the hope of starting over “.


Moira Ricci (1977) lives and works in Tuscany. Her research, often autobiographical, ranges from photography, to video, to installations to investigate cultural and social identity, her family history, her home and the bond with the territory, often intertwining technological invention with her natural popular membership.